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About Us

Impact Group was founded in 2016 by a group of PricewaterhouseCoopers consultants with the vision to fix recruitment problems in Indonesia. As we grew, we realized that the problems are deeper and more complex than we originally thought. In order to fix these problems, we have expanded our services into four areas: Business Transformation, Recruitment, Job-Sharing Community, and Teaching Community.


Business leaders lack relevant data on what the company needs to be able to make informed business/strategic/operational decisions

What we are trying to do

We first provide ERP systems to companies to provide them with meaningful data. Then we identify, analyze, have discussions with relevant parties and provide recommendations.


Companies lack impactful people who share the same vision to grow the company together

What we are trying to do

We are trying to match great candidates with great companies through our headhunter services. We also provide hiring platform for companies to find, track, and manage their candidates.


Qualified employees often are not actively looking for jobs

What we are trying to do

We are building a community of industry experts to share jobs to others as well as to share their friends who are looking for jobs through our platform.

  • Accounting and Tax Consulting

  • Monthly Accounting Reports

  • Forecasting and Internal Audit

  • Tax Report Calculation and Submission

  • Others



  • Payroll Automation

  • Salary Slip

  • Jamsostek, BPJS, Tax Reports


  • Headhunting Services

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Others

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