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Product Specialist

About Impact

Impact is a technology and consulting company specializing in digital transformation with the vision to grow Indonesia’s economy through helping businesses and the workforce through software, data, education, and community.

We are a lean company (and will continue to be) with a flat organizational structure, yet we wish to maximize our impact for our nation and eventually the world. Therefore our philosophy is to be (and we are looking for people who are) data-driven, able to identify the real pain points (which is surprisingly hard), and can come up with out-of-the-box yet practical permanent solutions.

Data, brainstorming, and research are essential to live what we preach, so people who are open-minded, goal-oriented, independent yet good team players, humble, and have clear vision and tenacity tend to fit us better. Somehow, people who care about social impact also tend to fit us better, although we still don’t know why.

About the Role

Product Specialist role provides a unique opportunity to be at the center of building business software to solve Indonesian businesses problems. It’s a blend of technical, creative, analytical, and leadership role in driving successful products or features from conception to completion. 

You will contribute to researching, defining, prototyping, and driving the construction, as well as managing communication with engineering, marketing, finance, and operations stakeholders and external contacts to ensure smooth delivery of the project. Throughout your time as an Associate Product Manager, you will learn and grow at a tremendous pace through hands-on experience.

At Impact, we work in cross-functional teams and meet great people regularly from diverse backgrounds. We work in an open environment where there are no boundaries or power distance. Everyone is encouraged to speak their mind, propose ideas, influence others, and continuously grow themselves.


• Translate product strategy into product plan, detailed requirements, and prototypes

• Work collaboratively with Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Customer Support and UIUX teams to implement new features and enhancements

• Able to independently do complex analysis, identify additional relevant data point and extract insight to obtain understanding of the competitive landscape, customers, product metrics, and latest trend

• Supportively collaborate with Engineering team during sprinting and development

The Qualification

  • Fresh graduate and undergraduate Bachelor/Master from Actuarial Studies/Business/Information System/Industrial Engineering or equivalent major with min. GPA 3.5 of 4.00
  • 0-2 years of relevant experience in related product field (ERP/POS/Manufacture)
  • Passionate about building a product that people want and will solve real business problems.
  • Dependable with excellent adaptability, data-driven, startup, growth mindset and think outside the box.
  • Get things done.

What’s great in the job

  • Remote working option
  • Interesting projects and people.
  • Startup culture with direct coordination with C-level for objective and follow-ups.
  • Large tech product and chances to learn large scope of knowledge.
  • Support of a real usability and testing team.
  • Great team of smart people, in a supportive, casual, and open working environment.