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Our wish is to be impactful to the world and lead better lives

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UMKM is important for Indonesia

  • 60%
  • 97%

UMKM contribution to Indonesia’s GDP

Workforce work for UMKM

but many fail...

  • 50%
  • 70%

UMKM fail in 2 years

UMKM fail in 10 years

because business is hard





then creating employment problems


Lack of personal growth

Lack of career growth

Feels unappreciated

Job-hopping habit

Tentang kami

Impact. is a technology and consulting company specializing in digital transformation with the vision to grow Indonesia’s economy through helping businesses and the workforce through software, data, education, and community.

We are a lean company (and will continue to be) with a flat organizational structure, yet we wish to maximize our impact for our nation and eventually the world.

Data, brainstorming, and research are essential to live what we preach, so people who are open-minded, goal-oriented, independent yet good team players, humble, and have clear vision and tenacity tend to fit us better. Somehow, people who care about social impact also tend to fit us better, although we still don’t know why.

Our Values

Who we aspire to be

We believe that people need a purpose in life so they know the general direction of where they’re going, but they also need insights to see the road ahead of them and philosophies/principles/values to know which path to take.


You inspire others with your pursuit of excellence for yourself AND the company, embody yourself with the company, and you are tenacious


You make wise decisions despite ambiguity, use data and/or hard evidence to support your decisions, and you are open to face potential failures from the decisions you make


You say what you think, even if it’s controversial, and take smart risks.

You don’t let overthinking paralyze your decision-making, and question actions inconsistent with our values


You take initiative to make sure everyone CAN know what they need to know. You listen well and treat people with respect.


You are quick to admit mistakes, and You are candid with one another, regardless of their status or past gripes you had with them


You learn rapidly and eagerly and contribute effectively outside of your specialty.

You take initiative to discover hidden issues and fix them



You re-conceptualize issues to discover practical solutions.
You thrive on – and encourage – changes, and can break problems down into its root cause(s)


You look for what’s best for the company and take the time to help coworkers.

You are humble in spite of your stellar performance.


You focus on great results rather than on the process, maintain quality work, set an example/inspiration for others, and push colleagues to be the best they can be

Impactfirst Impact. Role of ERP

Apa itu Transformasi Digital?

Transformasi digital adalah integrasi teknologi digital ke dalam semua bidang bisnis, yang secara fundamental mengubah cara Anda beroperasi dan memberikan nilai kepada pelanggan.

Ini melibatkan empat pilar: Teknologi, Data, Proses, Orang.

Find your team

Temukan, didik, dan kembangkan bisnis

Bantu bisnis tumbuh melalui transformasi digital

Bangun produk hebat yang membantu bisnis berkembang

Temukan, kembangkan, dan dukung orang-orang yang membantu bisnis berkembang

Life at impact

We are available for 100% remote working, so you can choose a place to work comfortably.​

You will work in cross-functional teams and meet great people regularly from diverse backgrounds.​

We work in an open environment where there are no boundaries or power distance. Everyone is encouraged to speak their mind, propose ideas, influence others, and continuously grow themselves.​

We'd love to get to know you

Browse our open positions, find your ideal job

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