Supply Chain Management

Maximize speed & profitability with minimum cost

Strategically plan production to distribution, aligned with supply, demand & market conditions

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Benefits of Impact supply chain module

Accurate predictions

Avoid shortages or excess supply with precise planning


Identify cost saving opportunities in maintenance, logistics & spend consolidation

Improve customer satisfaction

Consistently execute accurate & swift order fulfillment & product shipping

Streamline end-to-end processes


Ensure product availability

  • Predict warehouse stock availability based on data
  • Monitor real-time movement of goods
  • Notify & auto-send purchase orders to vendors on low inventory

Product manufacturing, maintenance & order management

  • Integrated production scheduling & execution
  • Asset maintenance system & scheduling
  • Hassle-free omnichannel order fulfillment

Shipment tracking & goods return

  • Track courier location for timely order delivery
  • Organized goods return management
  • Real-time stock update

Get whole visibility to meet customer demand with improved margin

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What our customer have to say

One of the largest textile company in Indonesia

Impactfirst is a true huge positive impact provider for our company. Impact helped us automate our sales and inventory processes. Before, the processes used to take days or even weeks, but everything is now accurate, efficient ,effective, integrated, and real-time. After using the software, we now have access to better data. We can analyze product demand, cycle, and profitability better, allowing for better inventory forecasting. With the cost savings, we managed to promote our current staffs and hire more sales people. We appreciate Impact team for being very responsive and always giving us help when we have implementation issues.

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Integrated with other ERP modules


Get accurate real-time financial statements and profitability reports

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Ensure inventory availability and optimize warehouse processes

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Buy the right goods at the right time from the right vendors

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