ERP for Food Production

See the big picture of your company real-time, automate processes, and integrate your teams with our customizable ERP built for Indonesian food production businesses.

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ERP for Food Production

Our ERP for food production is an all-in-one business software built to help food production business owners see the big picture of their company, automate their business processes, and integrate their teams.

How Impact ERP can help your food production business

Production planning

Forecast demand accurately, schedule production and purchases in advance

Inventory planning

Material Requirements Planning, manage suppliers and warehouse

Automate production processes

Manage Bills of Materials, manufacturing orders, work orders, and work centres

Accurate real-time reports

Real-time production reports integrated with accounting

A complete ERP suite for food production companies


Efficiently forecast and manage material needs

  • Generate precise material requirements plans
  • Ensure raw materials availability
  • Flexible output for dynamic production needs
  • Minimize stockouts and overstock situations

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Seamlessly control and monitor production processes

  • Track production progress in real-time
  • Ensure compliance with manufacturing standards
  • Facilitate workflow coordination and scheduling
  • Enhance visibility into shop floor operations

Learn MES system


Optimize stock levels and tracking

  • Streamline inventory management processes
  • Track stock movements accurately
  • Implement automated replenishment systems
  • Gain insights through detailed inventory reports

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Cost of Goods Manufactured (COGM) reporting

  • Production efficiency analysis and cost control
  • Enhance financial reporting accuracy
  • Facilitate compliance with regulatory standards
  • Streamline audit preparation processes

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Efficiently manage warehouse operations

  • Optimize inventory storage and retrieval
  • Track goods movement with precision
  • Implement barcode scanning for accuracy
  • Streamline picking, packing, and shipping processes

Learn Warehouse system


Streamline shop floor operations efficiently

  • Coordinate production activities effectively
  • Monitor equipment and personnel performance
  • Facilitate real-time communication among teams
  • Optimize resource utilization and production output

Learn shop floor system


Ensure equipment reliability and uptime

  • Implement preventive maintenance schedules
  • Track asset performance and history
  • Minimize downtime with proactive maintenance
  • Optimize maintenance resources allocation

Learn Maintenance system


Ensure consistent product quality standards

  • Implement robust quality control processes
  • Monitor product quality at every stage
  • Identify and address quality issues promptly
  • Enhance customer satisfaction through product quality

learn quality system


Maximize revenue with customer relationships

  • Centralize customer data for easy access
  • Track interactions across all channels
  • Automate lead management and follow-ups
  • Personalize customer communications efficiently

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Implementation done according to manufacturing and accounting best practices

We don’t believe in automating broken processes, that’s why we take accounting and business process optimization seriously. And we are good at them. Learn more about our implementation process.

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Pay only for what you need

We have different pricing plans for different needs, so you don’t have to pay for what you don’t need. Impact ERP is also flexible and scalable, so you can add more modules or customizations as you grow

Why Impact?

Industry expertise

We are experienced in helping businesses from various industries to adhere to industry best practices, minimize operational problems, and focus on growth.

Digital transformation expertise

We are not just an ERP implementer. We can provide advice on how you can transform your business from ERP, Accounting, Business Process, and People perspectives.

Pay only for what you need

Pay only for modules, features, and services that you need. Add more modules, customizations and integrations later as you grow. Needs always change.

Lifetime warranty and support

You get lifetime warranty and support so you don’t have to worry about our system not working or about your team not understanding how to use it.

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