Simplify your business with our ERP built for business owners

See the big picture of your company real-time, automate processes, and integrate your teams with our customizable ERP built for Indonesian businesses.

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What is Impact ERP?

Impact ERP is an all-in-one business software built to help business owners see the big picture of their company, automate their business processes, and integrate their teams.

How Impact ERP can help your business

Automate financial processes

Automate financial operations and produce accurate real-time reports

Monitor inventory level

Reduce theft, ensure inventory availability and on-time delivery

Improve warehouse efficiency

Reduce wastage, optimize putaway and picking process

Manage sales orders

Reduce fraud, optimize sales process, maximize revenue

Features to solve Indonesian business pain points


Obtain reliable information real-time and make business decisions fast

  • Automated journal entries
  • Accurate real-time reports
  • Multi-company and multi-currency
  • Integrated with other modules

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Maximize your warehouse efficiency and prevent stockouts

  • Track inventory movement with barcode
  • Automatically reorder low inventory
  • Analyze inventory forecasts
  • Integrated with other modules

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Manage suppliers and purchase orders in one place

  • Automate fulfillment process
  • Make smart purchase decisions
  • A better plan for your purchase
  • Integrated with other modules

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Increase revenue through sales automation

  • Handle quotations with one click
  • Automatic delivery order and journal entries
  • Set custom pricing per customer type
  • Integrated with other modules

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Schedule, plan and process manufacturing orders

  • Automate & manage manufacturing orders
  • Ensure raw materials availability
  • Centralized bills of materials
  • Real-time manufacturing reports

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Align your business operations and boost your profit margin

  • Create mobile-friendly online stores
  • Real-time performance reports
  • Integrated with other places
  • Integrate with your current ecosystem

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Streamline your operations and boost your profit margin

  • Online or offline
  • Compatible with any device
  • Loyalty programs, promotions, and discount
  • Integrated with other modules

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Empower your sales team to achieve their goals

  • Ensure customer satisfaction real-time
  • Identify and retain your high performers
  • Empower your low performers through data
  • Turn insights into concrete actions

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Find, develop, and retain impactful employees

  • Automate HR processes and payroll
  • Optimize recruitment and onboarding
  • Grow employees with e-Learning
  • Ensure objective performance review

Learn more about our industry-specific solutions

Wholesale distribution

Optimize sales channels, ensure inventory availability, optimize warehouse processes, perform price volume analysis

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Forecast demand accurately, schedule and manage production, ensure the right inventory level, automate production reports

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See store performance, maintain the right inventory level, reduce theft and fraud, integrate with marketplaces

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Garment & Textile

Multiple variants, multiple unit of measurement, flexible output for accurate costings, automated stock replenishments

Learn more


Patient medical history, medication database, prescription processing, claims management, doctor scheduling

Learn more

Food production

Recipe management, kitchen & central kitchen, flexible output, variance analysis, accurate cost calculations, manage inventory

Learn more

Implementation done professionally

We don’t believe in automating broken processes, that’s why we take accounting and business process optimization seriously, and we are good at them. Learn more about our implementation process.

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Pay only for what you need

We have different pricing plans for different needs, so you don’t have to pay for what you don’t need. Impact ERP is also flexible and scalable, so you can add more modules or customizations as you grow

Why Impact?

Industry expertise

We are experienced in helping businesses from various industries to adhere to industry best practices, minimize operational problems, and focus on growth.

Digital transformation expertise

We are not just an ERP implementer. We can provide advice on how you can transform your business from ERP, Accounting, Business Process, and People perspectives.

Pay only for what you need

Pay only for modules, features, and services that you need. Add more modules, customizations and integrations later as you grow. Needs always change.

Lifetime warranty and support

You get lifetime warranty and support so you don’t have to worry about our system not working or about your team not understanding how to use it.

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