Maximize your manufacturing operations

Prevent your business from running out of stock, apply the minimum stock rule.

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Benefits of Impact Manufacture module

Real-time reports

Optimize warehouse management & make sure stock is accurate

Balance your supply & demand

Optimize inventory levels through auto-fulfillment

Centralized data

Solve manufacturing problems with report customization

Efficiently manage cost & optimize manufacturing process


Real-time reports

  • Real-time manufacturing reports
  • Centralized bills of materials
  • Manage manufacturing orders automatically

Monitor production

  • Speed up operations process with barcodes
  • Ensure raw materials availability
  • Easy production scheduling
  • Create custom procurement rules

Oversee your business performance

  • Create customized dashboard to monitor performance
  • View forecasted stock on Master Production Schedule
  • Centralized data, reduce time spent looking for data

Improve manufacturing business operational efficiency

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What our customer have to say

One of the largest textile company in Indonesia

Impactfirst is a true huge positive impact provider for our company. Impact helped us automate our sales and inventory processes. Before, the processes used to take days or even weeks, but everything is now accurate, efficient ,effective, integrated, and real-time. After using the software, we now have access to better data. We can analyze product demand, cycle, and profitability better, allowing for better inventory forecasting. With the cost savings, we managed to promote our current staffs and hire more sales people. We appreciate Impact team for being very responsive and always giving us help when we have implementation issues.

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Integrated with other ERP modules


Get accurate real-time financial statements and profitability reports

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Ensure inventory availability and optimize warehouse processes

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Buy the right goods at the right time from the right vendors

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