Payroll software is an application used to manage and process employee payroll in a company. In today’s rapidly developing digital era, this systems has become a necessity for companies to efficiently and accurately manage payroll.

However, despite the many choices of payroll software systems available on the market, many companies still manage payroll manually. Manual payroll management is susceptible to errors, time-consuming, resource-intensive, and difficult to do on a large scale.

In this article, we will discuss the definition and use of payroll application as well as provide 15 available software options.

What is payroll software?

A payroll software is an application used to manage, organize, and automate employee payments. The purpose of creating this application is to improve business operations.

This software can track all payments and maintain all payment records. Payroll systems comes in various prices and features and can be used by small, medium-sized, and large companies.

Through an effective payroll application, management can track time and attendance, tax information, and payment structure. This application will also integrate easily into existing company procedures.

Why use payroll application?

As companies expand globally, a comprehensive strategy for efficiently managing payroll functions becomes increasingly important. Based on current payroll software statistics, having a clear strategy is very important. According to Deloitte research, from 2018 to 2020, companies that have developed payroll strategies increased by 40%.

Along with this, the HR payroll software market is also expected to reach around $15.37 billion with a CAGR of 11.2% by 2030. Current buyers are looking for an all-inclusive self-service system that allows them to complete payroll functions without the help of outsourced payroll service providers.

That is why many companies rely on this systems an on-premises or cloud-based system that helps ensure smooth processing and payment of company salaries without issues. Investing in payroll application provides benefits such as saving time, reducing stress, and reducing expenses.

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Top 15 payroll software options in 2023

Your employees work hard for you and your customers. As a business owner, you must pay them a fair wage and pay them consistently. However, managing workforce compensation or salaries is not always easy. In fact, sometimes it can be very complicated.

Here are the top 15 best payroll application in 2023 that can be your choice for effectively and efficiently paying employees.

1. GajiHub

The 15 Must-Have Payroll Software Options in 2023

The first employee payroll software is GajiHub. In the GajiHub application, there are complete features, such as the ability for customers to do payroll and other HR activities in an integrated way, so that employee data management becomes more practical.

The price offered by GajiHub varies depending on the package that consumers want to buy. GajiHub offers several packages at different prices, namely the free package, the package priced at Rp11,900 per employee, and the package priced at Rp16,900 per employee per month.

There are several advantages offered by GajiHub, including:

  • Calculating payroll with the support of tax calculations and BPJS
  • Management of applications that are integrated with the presence system
  • HRIS management to calculate employee data in a more structured manner
  • Reimbursement claim system and leave configuration.

2. HCM Impact

HCM Impact is one of the best payroll software products produced by PT Chub Pamadana International. HCM Impact offers a comprehensive set of features to meet the needs of companies. This software has a user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface that does not require a long time to master.

Some of the features offered by HCM Impact are:

  • Employee management
  • Attendance and leave management
  • Salary and allowance management
  • Tax management
  • Easy integration with other business applications

HCM Impact also has the latest technology support that helps companies optimize data usage and improve efficiency. The subscriptions for HCM Impact are competitive with other software on the market. The subscriptions offered by HCM Impact are in line with the features and advantages offered by the software. So, the price is flexible and can be adjusted to the needs of the company.

3. PayrollBozz

The 15 Must-Have Payroll Software Options in 2023

PayrollBozz is an easy-to-use HR and  payroll system software that can be used with just one hand. All relevant employee information entered into this payroll software is displayed with attractive and informative graphics.

The price of the product starts at IDR 15,000/employee per month, with a 7-day free trial to try the product for free and easily. PayrollBozz has several advantages, including:

  • Integration with online attendance recording systems
  • Accurate salary calculations using data, including calculations for various items such as BPJS Operational cost savings with a computerized system
  • Allows for faster reimbursement claims and travel requests.

4. Talenta

Talenta is a payroll service that offers solutions to make HR work more efficiently and effectively. In this case, the Talenta software n can automatically calculate salaries. If you have difficulty with installation and data migration, you don’t need to worry because Talenta provides application implementation support.

Talenta provides free training, step-by-step onboarding assistance, and system guides that can be accessed online. The price of Talenta’s service starts at IDR 20,000/employee per month. Some of the advantages of this application are:

  • Payroll is integrated with online attendance to record employee working hours more efficiently
  • Flexible and automatic payroll system
  • Human Resources Information System (HRIS) with cloud-based, more practical, and structured database management
  • ISO 27001-certified and has 256-bit SSL encryption
  • More than 3,500 companies have used Talenta as clients.

5. Axia Solusi

Axia Solusi is one of the payroll management system options that can be considered as an alternative automated payroll system for companies. The price of the Axia Solusi software can be aligned with the needs and features required by customers.

The Axia Solusi product has been used by more than 500 companies. The advantages of Axia Solusi include:

  • Payroll calculations that can adjust to company regulations as well as supporting PPh and BPJS calculations
  • Electronic payslip retrieval Integrated system with attendance
  • Ease in the reimbursement claim process and leave application.

6. Catapa

One payroll software product that uses artificial intelligence (AI) in its payroll system is the Catapa application. This application explicitly states that it can increase the speed and efficiency of employee payroll management by up to 15 times.

The subscription price starts at Rp5,900 per employee per month. Some advantages of this payroll app include:

  • One-click payroll system integrated with tax calculations such as PPh, BPJS, overtime bonuses, THR, and other company regulations
  • Secure service
  • Ease of claiming overtime, leave, and permits
  • Integration of employee attendance services with payroll systems

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7. Forte HRIS

The 15 Must-Have Payroll Software Options in 2023

Forte HRIS is a payroll app that has cloud features that make employee payroll system management effective and efficient. The data received by the Forte HRIS system will be encrypted first, making it more secure and structured.

Starting at Rp12,500 per employee, you can already use this software for one month. This application has several advantages, such as:

  • Data storage using a cloud system
  • Payroll is calculated using a formula system that can be adjusted to the company’s business regulations.
  • Integration of attendance data and employee data.
  • Easier data management using pivot table systems

8. is one of the payroll software options that can be chosen by individuals or companies to facilitate HR-related work. The prices offered for various features start at Rp500,000 per month.

Some advantages of the system are as follows:

  • Providing cloud-based salary calculation services that can support the calculation of BPJS, PPh taxes, allowances, and others
  • Can be customized to the company’s needs
  • Providing responsive customer service
  • Employees can easily claim and request paid leave, sick leave, and others.

9. GreatDay HR

The 15 Must-Have Payroll Software Options in 2023

GreatDay HR is a payroll software that features HR management, payroll processing, employee recruitment, and automatic and practical application recording. The application offers a price of Rp25,000 per employee per month.

Some of the advantages of GreatDay HR include:

  • Ease of managing HR data through a single digital platform
  • Facilitating employee performance monitoring and management
  • Fast and accurate payroll system
  • A centralized and secure database system that uses cloud technology.

10. Benemica

With an innovative cloud-based platform, the Benemica payroll software provides independent and practical payroll services. The offered price is affordable for users, and a free package is even available that can be selected according to the required package.

Benemica has been used by more than 100 companies operating in various industries. Some of the advantages of Benemica include:

  • Ability to be used by multiple companies at once
  • Attendance recording with GPS and a selfie
  • Secure application implementation

11. Gadjian

The 15 Must-Have Payroll Software Options in 2023

Gadjian is a website-based payroll software that can be accessed from anywhere. The service offers various features to facilitate payroll and HR management for companies. The price offered is Rp12,500 per employee per month.

Some of the advantages of Gadjian include:

  • Ease of managing employee data through the provided portal access Employee performance analysis
  • Ease of managing leave, sick leave, and benefit acceptance
  • Employee attendance is recorded in a computed and integrated manner with employee data.
  • The payroll calculation takes into account income tax and BPJS.

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12. KaryaOne

KaryaOne is a web-based or cloud-based payroll software for managing employee or human resources data in companies. Using this application provides many benefits for companies because there are various features available, like other payroll software products.

One advantage of using KaryaOne is the efficiency of memory usage. Since this application is web-based or cloud-based, employee data can be easily accessed as long as you are connected to the internet.

In addition, KaryaOne can also manage other employee needs such as leave, attendance, old and new employee data, and even integrate with fingerprint scanning systems. This helps companies build a well-integrated payroll system. To enjoy the payroll software services, you need to subscribe to its package, starting at Rp5,000 per employee per month.

13. Weefer

Weefer, as one of the payroll software products for employees, prides itself on being a pioneer in creating various solutions that combine information technology. Like similar applications, Weefer provides various human resource management features that are diverse and suitable for large-scale companies.

Not only does Weefer provide payroll services, but it also has various other services that help manage employee tasks and work, both individually and in teams. Companies can try Weefer through the free demo offered and training for using this application.

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14. Andal Paymaster

Andal PayMaster is one of Andal Software’s flagship products that helps manage employee data related to attendance systems, tax payments, and health insurance. This software comes in a version that can be updated according to market demand as well as a software-based version that can be downloaded by companies.

You can directly order this product through the official Andal PayMaster website. However, make sure you regularly perform updates to always get the latest features and enjoy the best experience when using it.

15. Sleekr

Mekari has an application called Sleekr that has proven to be safe and reliable for managing payroll. This application has many advanced features, including the ability to facilitate employee salary management.

In addition, Sleekr offers a centralized company system that includes employee data, business administration, and payroll systems. Not only that, Sleekr also has an accounting application that is useful for planning and evaluating the company’s financial condition.


Payroll software is designed to help businesses manage employee salary payments and manage finances wisely. In today’s digital era, it’s very important to be used by companies because they can save time and energy as well as minimize errors in calculating employee salaries.

2023 is predicted to be a year when more companies switch to using payroll software. This is because of the increasing number of advanced features provided by the best payroll software to improve efficiency in payroll management and minimize errors that can occur.

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